The Barycz Valley is paradise

for active people.


Our unique Barycz Valley

The Barycz Valley is situated on two sides of the Barycz river, which counts 133 km. It starts running near Ostrów Wielkopolski on moody meadows and ends its run near to Wyszanów going into the Odra river. The Barycz Valley is one of the most beautiful corners of Poland. You will find here many different forms of landscape: lowlands in the river valley, and at the ponds, light hills covered by forest or fruit growing farms, beside that plenty of meadows, fields.

Due to its unique nature it is an ideal destination for all nature lovers and active tourists. There are the biggest landscape park and nature reserve ‘Milicz Ponds’ (Stawy Milickie). The nature is also protected by bird reserve, Natura 2000 network or Ramsar convention. The ‘Milicz Ponds’ are in the worldwide network of ‘Living lakes’ as the only one Polish area of water. The Barycz Valley stands out from other regions because of huge forests and ponds areas where the traditional fish farming is being held for more than 800 Years (carp production).
Gorgeous palaces surrounded by old parks, interesting churches or cottage houses are waiting for all history lovers. Apart from that our region has an interesting offer for all those who love traditional, natural food: fish, fruit, honey, bread, juices, preserves, eggs, cheese and healthy cuisine. You should notice products and services with the quality sign ‘Barycz Valley recommends’ which are prominent symbol of our region. Read more under:

You may discover our region iv very ecological way using horse, bicycle or kayak.
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1. Maciej Kowalski, tel. +48 665 145 094,
2. Włodzimierz Ranoszek, tel. +48 605 619 956,
3. Hanna Jankowska – tel. +48 697 437 397,


IT in our region:
1. Przygodzice, Regional House, ul. PTR 1, 63-421 Przygodzice, tel./fax +48 62 737 41 41,Monday – Thursday,  9 am. –2 pm.
2. IT in Milicz, pl. ks. E. Waresiaka 7,, tel. +48 71 383 00 35; Tuesday – Friday, 9 am.–5pm., Monday and Saturday 9 am. –1 pm.
3. IT in Krośnice, ul. Parkowa 30, 56-320 Krośnice,, tel. +48 71 74 000 55, 667 057 300, Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm,  Saturday – Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.
4. IT in Żmigród, ul. Parkowa 1, 55-140 Żmigród, |, tel. +48 71 385 39 31, [April – Oktober] – Monday – Friday 8 am. – 6 pm; Saturdays and Sundays: 1 pm  – 6 pm;


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