Locally, naturally, healthy.

In harmony with hunter’s tradition.

Our cuisine

VENISON is one of the best sort of meat. That is why it is very rare, hardly to get and expensive. Not everybody can do venison well.
The ‘Hubertowka’ restaurant provides only traditional hunter’s and fisher’s cuisine.
We serve cold and warm starters and main meals of boar, deer, hare, wild birds.
We are the only one restaurant in Barycz Valley that serves roasted wild geese!
We offer local fish as well – mainly carp, catfish, tench, zander, and sturgeon.
To the meat we add local potatoes, homemade frites, noodles, bread from traditional bakery in Gądkowice.
To our meals we recommend natural juices without water or sugar from two different and best local producers – fruit growing farm Dziekan and fruit growing farm Pochodyła.


The basis of quality of our cuisine is the excellent material. We gain the meat by ourselves (my husband is hunter with many years experiences), in the forestry of Milicz, where the animals have excellent living conditions – silence, clean surrounding environment, unlimited accessibility to nourishment. As they spend whole life in the wild (fresh air, sun, a lot movement) their meat has excellent properties – it is well nourish, has a lot of nutritional ingredients. Professional hunter guarantees that the animal is well hunted without additional suffering or stress, which has bad influence on the meat.
Second important factor for quality of our gastronomy are our skills – we have been majoring in preparing venison for already 25 years. We developed by ourselves all the best receipts referring to traditional hunter’s customs and simplicity of all ingredients (salt, pepper, garlic, onion, bay leaf, marjoram, parsley). Proportions, time and way of cooking we have perfected for ages.


Enjoy your meal and cheers!
Once you had tasted our meals you wouldn’t like eating anywhere else anymore!