The Barycz Valley is the most beautiful

place in the world.

Beauty of the Barycz Valley

The Barycz Valley delights with its unique nature. Other regions of Poland, Europe or even World envy us!


Birds paradise

The area of the Barycz Valley especially the Landscape Park of the Barycz Valley is real paradise for keen ornithologists and birdwatchers. In the Lower Silesian part of the park there are almost 300 species of birds, 172 are breeding species. In the ‘Stawy Milickie’ bird reserve alone there are 257 species and 137 are breeding species. Among those birds nearly 60 species are water and mud species. Many of them appear in quantity. Especially in the pond area there are a lot of birds of prey, f.e. eagles. Young birds from outside of the Barycz Valley are lured by plenty of nourishment – especially during harvesting in autumn. In other seasons eagles are hardly to see. The birds hunt on the ponds but they nests are hidden deep in forest mostly on highest trees.


Best time for birdwatching 

The most attractive season (period) for birdwatching is spring when the birds pair off and trees have no leafs. In autumn one could watch passage of birds. In addition at biggest ponds in late spring and in summer one could watch spectacular exchange of feathers (swans, geese, ducks).
Best places for birdwatching are big ponds with reed islands. Best localisations for spectacular birdwatching are following ponds: Stary, Jeleni III, Mewi Duży, Słoneczny i Grabownica.


Best places for birdwatching:


(1) Stary pond – kompleks Radziądz
(2) Grabownica pond – kompleks Stawno
(3) Trzcielin Nowy pond (close to village Trzcieliny)

Bird watching houses:

(1) Niezgoda pond (close to village Niezgoda)
(2) Słupicki Stary pond (close to village Ruda Milicka) – kompleks Stawno
(3) Gadzinowy Duży pond (close to village Nowy Zamek) – kompleks Stawno
(4) Polny pond (close to Dyminy) – kompleks Stawno
2 – 4 are situaited close do ‘Hubertówka’

(1) Rudy pond  (close to village Ruda Żmigrodzka)